About Us

History of Delaney & Associates

William Richard Delaney (1933-1997) was an MDC police officer who was actively involved in forming their first union. He was elected to be the President of the union and had the duty to represent the interests of his fellow police officers. These initial lobbying efforts inadvertently directed William towards a new career as a lobbyist. In 1977, he established his own lobbying firm in Boston, Massachusetts known as W. Delaney & Associates.

W. Delaney Associates expanded with the addition of his son, Mark J. Delaney, in 1985. While working with his father, Mark received a B.S.B.A from Suffolk University, a J.D. from the New England School of Law and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1997, bringing a valuable legal asset to the company. The company continued to grow with the addition of another son, Scott J. Delaney in 1993.

After the passing of William R. Delaney in 1997, Mark and Scott have maintained the professional and dependable reputation established by their father. Today the firm is known as Delaney & Associates (“The Delaney’s”) – brothers who function together seamlessly. The interests the firm has advocated for runs the spectrum of small to large trade associations, companies and industries.